Why Haven't You Made Any Money in Your Mail Order Business?


In yesterday's mail, I received a letter from a customer that said: I've been mailing brochures for 6 months and haven't made any money. What am I doing wrong?

I take my hat off to this customer! At least he had the wisdom to notice that something was wrong and reach out to someone else for help. He is an exception to most small businesses and I feel very flattered that he chose me to ask suggestions from.

However, the note he wrote me was written on the face of a #6 envelope, stuck inside a #10 envelope and hand-addressed to me. This immediately showed me this guy had a lot to learn. I needed to go back and show him the basics before he could learn anything else.

But for those of you who present yourself as a professional with the proper business letterhead, envelope and a sample brochure to give me a clue to the product or service you are trying to sell, we have to start helping you on a different level. That's because you already possess the basics needed to run your business. All you need to know are the proper marketing techniques.

If someone on this level were to write in and say: I have been mailing the same brochure for 6 months and haven't made any money, I would immediately ask "Why did you wait so long to change?" If you do the same thing over and over again for 6 months, you need to make a change if it doesn't work. Something is definitely wrong.

Perhaps these suggestions will help you:

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