How to Sell Research Papers by Mail


One of the easiest ways to make money in the Mail Order Business is to sell information research papers, or folios, to opportunity seekers. You can buy folios in large quantities at fantastic wholesale prices - or you can let your supplier drop-ship your orders for you.

If you make direct mailings to opportunity seekers, simply enclose a few extra circulars offering folios containing valid, worthwhile money making information and watch the orders come pouring in.

You can also run ads in large mass circulation magazines such as Popular Mechanics, Field & Stream, Specialty Salesman or the National Enquirer. Actually, there are dozens of newsstand publications that are ideal for research paper selling.

The most successful advertisers offer "free details". When they receive inquiries, they mail out well printed, professionally written sales material describing the research papers they are selling. If you use this method, get in the habit of answering every inquiry by RETURN MAIL. The person who wrote to you is waiting for your sales literature. Get it to him as quickly as possible!

To give you an idea of what kind of ads research paper dealers run, here are a few samples of ads that are currently running in large mass-circulation magazines:

Establish Successful Mail Order Business! Write!

Earn Big Profits in Your Own Mail Order Business! Free Details!

Start your own Home Mail Order Business. Send stamp for complete information.

Write your own brief, to-the-point ad, run it CONTINUOUSLY, and you will be swamped with requests for your literature! (Incidentally, most publishers of research papers supply sales literature that you can have printed with YOUR name and address on it.)

You will make more money by running one ad in three issues of a publication than if you run one ad once in three different publications. Also, you should plan to make several mailings to each person who writes to you. Many people put aside your literature when they receive it, and only order when they are reminded by a follow-up mailing.

If you are new at mail order selling, you should write to several dealers running ads like those listed above and then STUDY very carefully the literature they send you.

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